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10 Newborn Must-Haves

10 must-have essentials for newborn babies

1. Baby Bjourn Bouncer

There might be a lot of bouncers on the market, but this one is hands-down the best. It folds flat and its easy to move around the house or take in the car to family's houses. The optional play bar is a great addition that keeps baby entertained!

2. BabyBum Brush

If there's one thing you can count on with a newborn it's LOTS of diaper changes! The BabyBum Brush makes applying diaper cream so easy and keeps your hands clean. Pro tip: layer diaper cream on thickly and with Aquaphor to avoid diaper rashes! 

3. Blackout Curtains

There's three things you need for baby sleep: swaddles, pacifiers, and blackout curtains. These suction blackout curtains are great for the nursery and on the go. Good sleep truly saves our sanity. 

4. High Contrast Book

Babies love high contrast images so having a high contrast book on hand is a great way to entertain your newborn. Read together, prop the book up during tummy time, or toss in your diaper bag for endless entertainment!

5. Various Swaddles

You never know what swaddle your baby will end up loving. It helps so much to have various options on hand as you discover what works best for your family. Save Our Sleep boxes take the time and stress out of finding the best options.  

6. Newborn Zipper Pajamas

With so many diaper changes and naps, you'll want quality zipper pajamas options on hand. These are the highest quality and oh so soft. Grab a few pairs in newborn sizing because even my huge boys fit in newborn sizing for a few weeks!

7. Baby Carrier

Whether you're chasing a toddler around, mult-tasking, trying to get through the witching hour, or having a colicky baby, you're going to want a great baby carrier for those moments you need your hands. 

8. Newborn Friendly Bath

Bath time is such a sweet activity with new babies. We loved this Puj Bath for early baths. It fits right into a sink and is easy to clean! 

9. White Noise Machine

White noise machines are so important for baby sleep! We've tried many and love how simple this one is and it has a night light for those middle of the night feedings. 

10. Various Pacifiers

You never know what pacifier baby will finally love so it's a must have a few options on hand. We love the SOS Baby Box for having great pacis and swaddles ready to go for figuring out baby's sleep. 

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