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5 Hacks for Surviving Teething

tips for surviving teething baby

Teething babies can vary from happy as a clam to miserable all day. When those teeth start making an appearance it's good to have some essentials on hand to help soothe that pain. 

1. Invest in Great Teethers 

The easiest thing to have on hand for teething is teethers. Now the tricky thing with teethers is finding the ones that baby loves! The SOS Teething Box comes with all the options you could need. We definitely suggest keeping a teether in the playroom, nursery, stroller, and car for easy soothing as needed! 

2. Soothe with Fruit Teethers 

Fruit teethers are one of our very favorite mom hacks! Not only are they a great way to introduce foods safely, but they also do wonders for sore gums. The SOS Teething Box comes with a fruit teether so you're all set! We love that many of these teethers can be put in the fridge to chill, too! 

3. Take a Massage Break

When baby's gums get really sore take a moment to massage those gums. Gently put pressure on the areas of the gums that are red and sore. This should help relax baby and alleviate some of that pain! 

4. Grab Some Meds

When teething gets bad we turn to that trusty Tylenol. This is a quick fix for when baby is having trouble sleeping due to teething pain. Always discuss dosage and best uses for over the counter medicines with your pediatrician as every baby's needs are different! 

5. Take a Chill (Spoon)

Sometimes that spoon you have in the kitchen is all you need! Toss a spoon into the fridge to chill and then let your little one go to town gnawing on the spoon. The cool metal will help soothe those gums. Always supervise closely while your little one is playing with the spoon. 

All teething and medical decisions should be made with guidance from your pediatrician. This blog post is not medical advice. 

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