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Best Resources for Newborn Sleep

best resources for new parents

When they say it takes a village to raise a family, they aren't lying! In addition to leaning on our friends and family, we also love to tap into experts to make those newborn transitions easier. Here is a breakdown of our favorite resources for tackling that tricky newborn sleep. 


The team at BumbleBaby is a wealth of knowledge and they're so relatable! Their newborn sleep consultations are perfect for an individualized plan catered to your little one. They also offer everything from baby proofing to sippy cup consultations to CPR and are a great all-in-one resource. We definitely recommend following them on social media, too!  

Taking Cara Babies

baby sleep e-course

Cara's sleep training course was a life saver when I was working hard to get my son to sleep through the night. Her courses are extremely informative and thorough. Taking Cara Babies also has a great Instagram account with tons of free resources and tips! 

Moms on Call

Moms on Call is a method and book you must buy as a first time parent. Moms on Call have such a straight forward and no nonsense approach to parenting that really helps you set a routine in those early, tough days. I love following their feeding and sleep schedule to keep things on track until you get into a groove! 

We also always recommend grabbing the SOS Sleep Box to go along with these great newborn sleep resources so that you have the swaddles and pacis on hand that you'll need to establish those great sleep habits. 

What are your favorite newborn sleep resources? Tell us in the comments! 

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