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Introducing Baby to Solids

Introducing your baby to food is a fun and sometimes messy transition! There are lots of approaches to choose from so finding what works for you and your baby is and important decision. As your introducing foods (no matter what approach you choose!) you will need some gear! Here are some must-haves for getting started!

Handfullz Silicone Placemat - This raised wave placemat is great for promoting baby-led weaning and increasing motor skills by allowing little ones to more easily pick-up their food! 

Food Masher Bowl - This easy to use masher set is great for making your own baby food or mashing up some fruits for a quick snack for baby. Simply mash and serve straight from the bowl!

Universal Food Pouch Spoon - These shallow, wide spoons screw directly on baby food pouches for on-the-go feedings! 

Sip & Straw Cup - Around 6 months (talk with your doctor for specific age guidance) babies start learning to use a sippy cup. This cup grows with your baby and convert from a sippy cup to a straw cup.

Silicone Bib - These bibs fold up small and are easy to wipe clean! Great for keeping in the diaper bag and using at every meal!

Silicone Training Fork and Spoon - These soft silicone spoons can be bent to help train baby on feeding himself.

Grab one of our SOS Intro to Food Boxes to start your feeding journey on the right foot!

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