Swaddle Details

Finding the swaddle that your little one loves is the first step to swaddling success. We include a variety of styles in our Save Our Sleep Boxes so you can find that magical swaddle that turns your baby into a sleeping success.

Traditional Swaddle Blankets

You've probably recieved a handful of these from your baby showers and are wondering what on earth should I do with all of these blankets! These traditional muslin blankets make awesome swaddles and are great to use as burp clothes, tummy time mats, car seat blankets and more! Swaddling with these blankets can take some practice so check out the pic below to become a swaddling pro!

Woombie Swaddles

If swaddling with a muslin blanket feels like wrestling a cat, try out the 1-step Woombie Swaddle. Simply lay your little one in the swaddle, tuck his or her arms where they like them, and zip up the swaddle. 

Swaddle Wraps

Swaddle Wraps are a great alternative if you have a little Houdini who can break out of the traditional swaddle blankets. The velcro is easy to use and keeps baby feeling snug and secure while they snooze.


Arms Up Swaddle

If your baby has continually rejected having their arms down in the swaddles, the Arms Up Swaddle is a great option. Just zip baby in and you're good to go! Baby can use their hands to soothe without scratching their face and still feel secure in the swaddle.

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